Guest post: All About Blog Giveaways

Guest post by Shawna of Coupon Lady Online.

All About Blog Giveaways

I'll admit it. I'm a giveaway junkie. It's true. I love winning stuff. It makes checking the mail so much more exciting! Some folks don't really see the point in entering giveaways. After all, you probably won't even win, right?

Wrong! I've won much more than I ever would have anticipated entering giveaways. I got two boxes the other day.

It's so exciting to get a big box in the mail full of goodies you've won! Here's everything I got in the mail that day:

And here's just a small sample of things I've won by entering blog giveaways:

  • Clorox Wipes
  • Betty Crocker Package
  • Skoy Cloths
  • Macaroni Grill Package
  • Pepsi Throwback Package
  • 100's of dollars in coupons

What's that? How can you start winning, too? Well, I'm so very glad you asked!

First where can you find giveaways to enter? There are several great sites that have giveaway round ups every week:

Money Saving Mom
Two of a kind, working on a full house
5 Minutes for Mom

Many weeks there will be more than a hundred giveaways listed. Don't try to enter all of them, though. It would take hours. Many giveaways have multiple ways to enter, which can make them more time consuming to enter. It's fun to win, but you don't want to spend all your time entering giveaways. Personally, I try to take about an hour a week entering giveaways. Don't worry about performing every last task for gaining an entry. Make sure to complete any entries that are required, but if you only do a few of the extra entries, that's ok. For example,many giveaways have a required entry where you visit the sponsor website and perform some task. Maybe you need to pick out a color for an item or mention a product that you would like to try. Extra entries often involve things like tweeting or posting to your blog. If you have twitter or a blog, you may find that performing those tasks will pay off, but don't worry if you don't. As long as you perform the required entries, you are entered for the giveaway!

Once you start entering giveaways, I suggest you keep track of the things you win. There's a great spreadsheet available for keeping track of your wins from Sweetie Sweeps. Not only can you see everything you're winning, you can keep track of when your prizes arrive. I find it very exciting to see the items I've won all listed in one place.

One last important tip, make sure that you include contact information when you're entering giveaways. It would be terrible to win but not know because you didn't include a working email address! I often leave mine like this, to prevent spammers from picking it up with theirbots:

shawna at couponladyonline dot com.

Well, I hope this has inspired you to try entering blog giveaways. It can be a fun, rewarding hobby. Good luck!


Shawna is the author of Coupon Lady Online. When she isn't entering blog giveaways, you can find her scouring the web for great deals. So far this year, she's saved over $1600 with coupons and has won more than $600 worth of coupons and merchandise from blog giveaways. Besides saving money, she also enjoys reading and web development.

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