*Newsflash* - recent news articles regarding coupons

Here's some more great newspaper articles on coupon usage.

Digital Coupon Usage Sky Rockets - states that coupons.com usage raised by 212% in the last 5 months! Maybe that is because they have been offering some great coupons lately!

Want Better coupons? Change your zip code! - interesting article on entering your zip code on coupons.com. Different zip codes get different coupons and different value coupons. I typically avoid putting in my zip code but I am wondering if putting in a "high value area" zip code would yield different coupons. What do you think? Do you enter your zip code or not?

AOL’s Shortcuts.com Adds Safeway Supermarkets to Roster - Good news for Safeway shoppers. You can now use shortcuts.com. If you haven't checked out shortcuts.com you should now? I can use it Kroger. What other stores are you able to use it at?

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